How to Download & Install Catia V5

Initially you need u torrent to download Catia v5.

If you don't have a u torrent then download here.

Now you to download Catia V5 from torrent.

For 32-bit click here

For 64-bit click here

After the download was completed, start the below steps to install.

The downloaded Catia V5 will be look's like this.

You have to download one more software to extract Catia V5 which was downloaded i.e Power ISO

Click here to download

After downloading all the required software's it's time to Install.

Now pen Power ISO 

Browse the Catia V5 

After the opening of  1st file looks like this and click on extract

Just like doing the same for 2nd files also.

After Extracting both the files you have to start the installation.

Go to the location where the files are extracted 

Double click on 2nd file and again double click on the setup

Now follow the instructions to install in the video.

At the end of setup, uncheck the option of running  "Catia Now"

Now open the 1st extracted file and find a folder named by SolidSQUAD

Double click on  SolidSQUAD  and copy the file name by JS0GROUP.dll

After copying the file, this has to paste in another location for this

Open >>> Program Files/Dassault Systemes/B20/win_b64/code/bin >>> right click on mouse click on paste >>> replace the existing file.

Start CATIA, now you will get a message saying "you need to choose at-least one license" click OK

Then in the list of Licenses, check  all the boxes (there is ablout 100's of them to check) then OK.

You are DONE.

CATIA has installed, Enjoy

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